Physics with Astronomy

From 2014, we are offering a course of Physics with a minor in Astronomy tailored to students from abroad
who wish to study in Krakow. The course will be taught in English and offered at both undergraduate
(Bachelor's equivalent) and postgraduate (Master's) levels.

The Physics part of the course covers the whole range of modern physics. On the Astronomy side, as well as a foundation in modern astronomy and astrophysics across the wavelength spectrum and at all scales, we have included classes in modern data analysis, data mining and statistics (all of which are widely applicable outside of Astronomy) as well as more classes on variable stars and asteroseismology taught by world-class research staff working at the University's Mt. Suhora Astronomical Observatory.

During the course students will also gain hands-on experience observing for themselves at the Mt. Suhora Observatory (located about 70km south of Krakow in the Gorce Mountains) and also use the facilities in the new high-energy laser and materials science laboratories.

Subject to eligibility students may also participate in Study Away and Erasmus programs.

Topics include:

  • Solar System & Exoplanets
  • Stellar Physics
  • Stellar Oscillations
  • Astronomical Instruments
  • Cosmology
  • Variable Stars
  • Data Mining
  • Asteroseismology
  • Astrophysical Models
  • Numerical Methods in Astronomy
  • The Galaxy and Extragalactic Astrophysics

Students with Polish citizenship (including dual citizens) enjoy free tuition. We offer affordable options for students from other countries. Application details and forms will be available shortly.

For more information please contact the Institute of Physics by e-mail at